[Review] Volbox – A simple audio volume control knob for anything (Video)

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could control the volume of your headphones using a volume knob? The Volbox, available for $19.99 on Amazon, was made just for you.

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While I found the Volbox to be a bit pricey, it ultimately does what it’s supposed to do, which may be enough for some to justify its price. For your money, you’ll be getting the Volbox and a short 3.5mm audio cable.

To use the Volbox, you first plug your audio playback device, such as a smartphone, into the line in jack. You then plug your headphones or speakers into the output jack. The volume of your audio device should be maxed out, allowing you to fully control what you’re actually hearing through the volume knob. If you wanted to, you could keep the audio device turned down a bit to act as a volume limiter. One thing to note is that, when the knob is turned all the way to the minimum position, I can still hear audio being passed through to my headphones. I took the knob off so that I can see if the actual turning piece was all the way at the lowest point, and it was. If you’re planning on completely muting your audio from time to time, this currently isn’t going to do that. The knob itself works as you’d expect any other knob to. It turns smoothly, and doesn’t feel loose, or as though it’s about to break off.

And that’s all there actually is to this particular product. It’s a simple idea in a compact package that takes care of a basic want. While I do wish the price was lower, at perhaps $14.99 — complete with a much longer audio cable — it may be even better.

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