[Review] 30-pin Bluetooth audio adapter (Video)

Have an old 30-pin speaker dock that you’d like to breath new life into? This affordable (at just $7) adapter is just what you’d need, as it adds Bluetooth capabilities to any 30-pin audio device. With it, you can stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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The adapter itself has no buttons on it, but it does have the 30-pin port in addition to 2 LEDs (one blue and one red) that indicates activity and mode. When you’re in pairing mode, the LEDs will quickly alternate between each other, while only the blue LED will occasionally flash when you’re just listening to audio.

Pairing is just as easy as any other Bluetooth device. On your device, look for the “I-WAVE” device and enter the pairing code (0000). Once paired, you can immediately start to stream audio. Audio quality has been great, but of course depends on your speaker and the quality of the source audio.

And that’s all there really is to this particular audio adapter. I’m very satisfied with its simplicity and how well it works. At $7, this was a great purchase.

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