[Review] Spigen Tough Armor (Gunmetal) for iPhone 6 (Video)

This guest review was provided by Colton.

Available from MobileFun.co.uk is the Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6 case. The case itself is a slim, protective case that features Spigen’s “air cushion” technology, which is basically another way of saying that the case uses shock-absorbent TPU materials. If you’re interested, the case is currently priced at £24.99/$37.99, direct from Mobile Fun. If this case isn’t for you, they have a vast selection of other cases for many other devices that might better suit you.

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Inside of the package, you unfortunately don’t get any included extras, such as a screen protector. You do, however, get some literature to tell you whether or not you’ve received a genuine Spigen product.

The Tough Armor itself has a two-tone look to it and can keep your iPhone protected rather well. The front lip gives you a lay-on-the-table design, where your display won’t be touching a surface should you put it display-down. Likewise, there are raised sections on the back for all four corners that will keep the case lifted up. Installation is very simple, with a perfect fit overall. The Apple logo on the back is open, while also on the back is the pill-shaped camera cutout. Ports are rather large and easy to access. In addition, the buttons are easy to press and feel good when pressing them. On the inside is a neat design that can help keep your device protected when dropped.

Overall, this is a nice case, but priced somewhat high, perhaps due to the shipping costs from the UK. Still, it’s a great case that looks good and can keep your iPhone protected well.

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