[Mini Review] AirServer for Windows and Mac OS X (Video)

Have you ever wished that you could somehow view your mobile device’s display on your computer? With AirServer for Windows or Mac OS X, you can do just that, and it requires hardly any setup. AirServer support AirPlay Mirroring as well as Miracast streaming, which should cover most newer (modern) mobile devices.


AirServer has most users covered, as the software is available for Windows as well as Mac OS X. It works the same on both. My primary usage has been with the Windows version, though I have used the Mac copy and, as just mentioned, it’s practically identical. It’s not free software, but there’s a free, 7-day trial available. Personal use, educational and business licenses are available and work for either version. So, if you have a personal/consumer license, you could use it on both Mac OS X and Windows. I’ve installed it on a number of my own (see: personal) systems without it saying I’ve activated it too many times, but you shouldn’t go overboard.

After installing AirServer, simply run it, and enable mirroring or streaming from a compatible AirPlay or Miracast device. Afterwards, you should see your device mirrored onto your display instantly. It’s really that simple. You can, of course, adjust some of AirServer’s settings to your liking, such as which audio output on your computer you’d like to use, or some various video post processing options, such as brightness, contrast and sharpness.

I’ve been using AirServer for years, primarily with iOS devices, and AirPlay Mirroring has always worked very well. However, it does require a fair amount of consistent bandwidth, so a good wireless (or wired) network connection will provide the best results. Otherwise, you may end up with sluggish video playback that may also look pixelated. For example, my iPhone 6 Plus, that’s within very close range of my wireless AC router, performs beautifully, and even at 60FPS (!). From a long distance, things tend not to be as reliable.

Essentially, that’s all there is to AirServer. It’s a dead-simple way of seeing your mobile device’s display on a computer that works very well and is fairly affordable. If you’re still on the fence, give the free trial a go, and you may be convinced to purchase a copy.

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