[Review] Poetic Atmosphere for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

Poetic’s popular Atmosphere case is available on many devices, now including the iPhone 6 Plus. For my case, there’s one huge flaw that made using it a rather poor experience.

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The Atmosphere is a clean case with a simple design, made of polycarbonate (the clear material) and TPU (the colored material). The outside of the case is glossy while the inside is frosted. I prefer the outside to be frosted as opposed to the inside as it would’ve greatly reduced the amount of fingerprints and scratches.

On the left, you’ll find volume button covers as well as an easily-accessible silent switch cutout. On the opposite side, you’ll find the power button cover. And these are the things that have really made using the Atmosphere a frustrating case. The button covers are very stiff. If you’re used to being able to gently push the buttons to activate them, think again. These things really are stiff, enough to make you go mad. Interestingly, despite many others saying the same, Poetic, in an email, claimed that there was a defect with my case and that they’ll be sending me a replacement at no cost. None of the other Atmosphere cases for other devices have stiff button covers. I’ll be updating this post should the covers on the replacement case be easy to press.

Continuing, the bottom is where you’ll find nicely-sized cutouts for the bottom of the iPhone, while the back has a large cutout for the camera area. I prefer the cutout to not be as tall, but a lot of case designs go this route, supposedly to reduce potential camera flash issues, which I never encountered.

The price of $16.95 from Poetic is a reasonable price for this case, so long as they manage to fix the stiff button covers. If they do, things will be better, as the case can be had for just $12.95 on Amazon.

I would easily use this as my primary case if the buttons weren’t so stiff. If you can look beyond them, this is a fantastic, minimalist case that many would be willing to pay more for.

Update: Even after receiving a replacement, the button covers are just as hard as the original case. Fortunately, Poetic went ahead and sent me a refund.

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