[Review] Body Glove Mobile Prizm iPhone 6 Plus Case (Video)

One of Body Glove Mobile‘s simplistic iPhone 6 Plus accessory options is the Prizm case, priced at $24.99 on their website.

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I refer to the Prizm as “simplistic” because it really is. On it, you’ll find a clear, frosted (matte) TPU band with an integrated clear back panel. The TPU is a bit thicker than I want, but results in extra protection from drops with an adequate amount of grip. I would’ve preferred the clear back panel being frosted, as it would’ve greatly reduced the amount of visible fingerprints and scratches. On the other hand, I like seeing scratches on the case, because it shows the amount of damage that might’ve ended up on the iPhone instead.

There are cutouts for everything, including the volume buttons and silent switch on the left side, power button on the right, 3.5mm headset jack/bottom microphone/Lightning port/speaker on the bottom, and rear-facing camera on the back. The only branding you’ll find is along the right side. All of the cutouts are sizable and therefore easily accessible.

Removing the Prizm from your iPhone 6 Plus is easy to where you shouldn’t have any worries regarding the phone bending (though, if you’re always careful with a smartphone with a large, thin metal body, that shouldn’t be a worry regardless). You should start by removing one of the bottom corners, followed by the other corner. You should then be able to pry the case away from the phone, with no damage in sight.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of the Prizm. It doesn’t try to overdo things in regard to design and features, to where I’m certainly able to recommend this case. I would like seeing a price drop from $24.99 to $19.99, but it’s a fine case at either price.

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