[Review] Speck CandyShell Grip for HTC One (M8) [Video]

One issue with HTC’s latest One (M8) is that it lacks quite a bit of grip. Speck’s CandyShell Grip has been a savior for a lot of phones, M8 included (Speck, Amazon).

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To begin, the CandyShell Grip can be had for $34.95, an average but very respectable price. Given you’re getting a quality product, it’s well worth it. If the white/black model isn’t for you, a few other color variations are available.

As the name suggests, the case is filled with grip, thanks to the strips of rubber/TPU material flowing along the sides. Since this is a case, it will add a little bit of width to the already-wide M8. In a way, this makes everything harder to hold with one hand, but the grippy sides help quite a bit with this. In other words, some bulk is added to the phone, but it’s not bad by any means.

Taking a tour, you’ll find a lay-on-the-table design, allowing you to place your phone display-down onto a table without your screen actually touching the surface. Along the right are volume button covers. These take away from the feedback/”click” just a tad, but are still easy to press. At the bottom are sizeable cutouts for your micro-USB port and 3.5mm headset jack. On the top is a cutout for the power button/IR blaster. There’s nothing to see along the left. Moving along to the back, you’ll find cutouts for the secondary camera, one large cutout for the main camera + LED flash, and a small cutout for the microphone. You’ll also find some unobtrusive branding for Speck.

The CandyShell Grip was and still is my favorite case for the iPhone 5/5s, so I was happy to see it making its way over to the new One. The added grip makes using the smartphone in some places easier and better. You’re also getting quite a bit of protection, thanks to the soft inner-layer to provide for some shock/drop absorption.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic case that you can’t go wrong with. Its reasonable price and featureset make it well worth the purchase.

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