Soccer Rally 2 coming to iOS and Android, free (Video)

What happens when you combine cars with soccer? You can find out for yourself starting April 24th with Soccer Rally 2. It’ll be a free-to-play title (expect in-app purchases) that “lets users play soccer from the driver’s seat of their own tricked-out automobile.”


You can expect an “extensive” singleplayer campaign in addition to a multiplayer mode with a variety of different vehicles and balls, including baseballs, basketballs, bowling balls, tennis balls, a hockey puck, and even an American football. There’s also an extensive set of car customizations within a bundle of 9 cars with 30 car colors. You can choose between over 200 decals, all of which you can then share on Twitter and Facebook from right within the game.

In addition to the seemingly good graphics, the game features “18 real music tracks by 13 bands from around the world.”

While no official gameplay screenshots or videos are currently available, you can see a little bit of what to expect from the image and video gallery from Soccer Rally’s website here (the video’s also embedded above).

The developers have put together a nice informational launch brochure, complete with all of the information that you could ask for. You’ll find the PDF here.

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Source: Soccer Rally