[Review] MPERO IMPACT XL Kickstand Case by EMPIRE for iPhone 5/5s (Video)

Courtesy of EMPIRE is their MPERO IMPACT XL, an ultra-protective iPhone 5/5s case with its own integrated kickstand.

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First up is value. If you purchase this directly from EMPIRE, it’ll run you $8.95 (free shipping available). If you’re an Amazon shopper, it can be had for $11.95, and it’s eligible for Prime shipping (always nice to see).

It’s a rather generic case, so the packaging is very basic, and you don’t get any extras with your purchase.

The IMPACT XL itself is a dual-layer case. The first layer is a 2-piece plastic layer that you install your phone into first, and then a silicone layer that’s fitted over it. Because of the amount of protection that this case offers, it adds quite a bit of bulk. I’m personally into slimmer products, so this wouldn’t be my daily driver.

Taking a tour of the case, you’ll find that the front of the case offers a large lay-on-the-table design. This allows you to place your phone display-down onto a surface without your display actually touching it. Many ultra-protective cases use their own integrated screen protector, which are typically poor. So, I recommend you using your own with this case. The silicone portion of this case does cover up the home button, but it still provides quite a bit of feedback.

The left side of the case houses a few silicone nubs for your volume buttons. They don’t take any extra effort to press, and offer a very large amount of tactile feedback–you can really hear the click of the buttons themselves. The same goes for the power button up top. Above the volume buttons is a silicone flap for the silent switch. The cutout is a bit recessed, and it isn’t very easy to get into. The right side of the case features a silicone nano-SIM flap, if that’s something you’d like to easily access without have to take the case apart.

On the bottom is one large flap that itself has cutouts for the microphone and speaker. And because it’s just one large silicone piece, the Lightning port cover and 3.5mm headset jack cover will all open up, basically revealing the entire bottom portion of your phone. The flap itself doesn’t sit flush with the back of the case, so I’d personally trim it off a bit, or carefully cut this entire flap off of the case.

Lastly, the back of the case has a well-sized, pill-shaped cutout for the camera area, as well as an integrated plastic kickstand. Don’t let the use of plastic scare you off, because it’s actually very stable and seemingly strong. It also allows you to stand your phone up in any orientation with nearly no worries about it falling offer while you tap on your screen.

If you happen to be looking for a value-oriented yet feature-filled ultra-protective case for your iPhone 5/5s, the MPERO IMPACT XL is worth a look.

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