[Review] MPERO Dual Layer Aluminum Plated Black Case by Empire for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Video)

Featuring a dual-layer design, the MPERO aluminum plated black case by Empire for the Galaxy S4 is very affordable, and works fairly well.

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While the case is listed on Empire’s website for $6.95 (free shipping, too!), it’s listed on Amazon for just $4.27, already including the $2.98 shipping charge. The case is seemingly the same from either website, so pick whichever one you prefer. One thing to note is that you’ll be getting just the case, so don’t expect a screen protector or any other extra(s).

As the name suggests, this case features a dual-layer design where there’s a silicone inner layer, and an outer plastic frame. The silicone layer will provide the most protection, as it can absorb shock and drops. The outer layer helps with grip and adds to the design of the case, primarily on the back.

And that’s where the aluminum black plate comes in. It features a brushed aluminum design that looks sleek and stylish. Towards the bottom, you’ll see an MPERO logo, right above the speaker cutout. There are also cutouts for the rear-facing camera and LED flash. Other cutouts include the micro-USB port, bottom microphone, top microphone, top 3.5mm headset jack and IR blaster. Your volume buttons and your power button are covered by the silicone, so they’re fairly easy to press and offer plenty of feedback.

There’s not much in the way of a lay-on-the-table design, and because the silicone doesn’t come up and over the display very much, you can actually see the side bezel/silver band of your Galaxy S4. Personally, I found this to be just a tad bit annoying, but I got used to it fairly quickly.

Otherwise, this a great case, especially for the price. It looks good, should offer a fair amount of drop protection, and is very affordable.

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