[Review] Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5/5s (Video)

Keeping things simple, the Griffin Reveal for the iPhone 5/5s features a clear back panel wrapped within a silicone band. It’s also fairly affordable at $19.99, directly from Griffin, and a little cheaper from the likes of Amazon.

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As mentioned, the Griffin Reveal is incredibly simple, featuring a clear back panel as well as a silicone band around it. The band can be had in several different colors.

For your money, you won’t be getting any extras, which is honestly a bit disappointing, but that might be par for the course as far as Griffin products go.

After installing your phone into the case, which is very easy to do, you’ll notice that you get a fair lay-on-the-table design. This allows you to place your iPhone display-down onto a surface without your screen actually touching it, a small but good feature for those who are bold enough not to use a screen protector.

Along the left side are a few volume button covers, which provide a solid amount of feedback when being pressed without taking too much extra effort. There’s also a well-sized cutout for the silent switch and is perfectly centered. At the top, there’s another button cover, and is a bit more “clicky” than the two volume button covers. There’s some Griffin branding along the right side. Lastly, the bottom has individual cutouts for the speaker, Lightning port, and the 3.5mm headset jack & microphone. Each are fairly large, and since the material is still silicone, this case should accommodate larger plugs just fine.

The back is where the name of the case comes from, since the back of your iPhone 5/5s is revealed. While your phone should remain scratch-free, the actual clear panel probably won’t be. However, one shouldn’t expect material like this to go without scratches or scuffing, especially clear ones. I would imagine that a “frosted” back panel would be a bit more resistant to said annoyances. But, better the case than your phone, right? Oh, the back also has an oversized cutout for the camera area with a black inner outline.

All told, the Reveal is a great, minimalistic case that’s also fairly affordable. To be expected, the back will scratch up. If you can look beyond that, it would be hard to pass this one up if you happen to be interested in it.

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