[Review] Caseology TPU Carbon Fiber Case for Nexus 5 [Video]

Compatible with the Nexus 5 comes Caseology’s line simply-named TPU cases, available in a wide variety of finishes and designs. They’re currently priced at just $7.99 on Amazon, and are eligible for Prime shipping, which is always nice to see.

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Many people look towards simple cases, just so that they can have something that gets the job done, which is usually to protect their device without taking too much away from the design of the phone itself. As this is TPU, the case itself will absorb some of the impact, should you drop the phone onto the ground.

You can see that I opted to try out their black carbon fiber-designed TPU case. The sides of the case are glossy TPU, which provide quite a bit of grip, while the inside is smooth and soft. The back, obviously, has the carbon fiber design, which itself is just textured TPU. This particular design looks and feels nice, especially when you’re holding the case in your hand.

In regards to cutouts and features, you’ll find that there is quite a lip around the front of the phone, providing you with a great lay-on-the-table design. All of your cutouts are there, so along the left side, you’ll have one for your volume buttons, while on the right side, you’ll have one large cutout for the power button and microSIM tray. I personally feel as though they could’ve covered up the tray, since it’s something that most don’t access on a regular basis. But, it’s not a problem. The bottom features large, individual cutouts for everything down there, while the top has a nicely-sized cutout for the 3.5mm headset jack. Lastly, along the back, we have a well-sized cutout for the camera and LED flash just below it. Branding is kept to a minimum, with just a little bit of it being at the bottom of the back.

Because the price of this case is low, the case itself is great and is well made, I can easily recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a simple, no compromise solution to a simple yet well-executed protective case for their Nexus 5.

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