[Review] Tech Armor Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Nexus 5 [Video]

One of the most affordable and easiest ways of giving your device’s screen protection, with the added benefit of reduced glare and fingerprints, is to get a screen protection film that does just that. For the Nexus 5, Tech Armor’s screen protector offers all of that at a very good price. You can get a pack of three for just $5.95 from Tech Armor’s website, or even Amazon (Prime shipping available).

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For the $5.95, you’ll be getting everything that you need from right within the packaging. This includes the three screen protectors, an application card (acts as a squeegee), a microfiber cloth, four strips of “dust removal tape,” and some instructions.

Installation is pretty simple, and as long as you take your time to clean your screen and properly align the film with your Nexus 5, the results should be excellent. One negative thing about the installation is that the protection layer on the anti-glare film itself starts out from the bottom of the phone, rather than the top. I believe that starting from the top is better beneficial, as the cutouts for the front-facing camera, sensors, and earpiece can make aligning the film much easier to do. I actually ended up taking the entire protection layer off and manually aligning it from the top. This resulted in some debris getting under the screen protector itself, which then resulted in some extra bubbles, but I was able to easily take care of all of them by taking a piece of tape to lift the screen shield up a little bit, and another piece of tape to go under and get the pieces of debris removed. After a while, I was left with really good alignment and absolutely no bubbles anywhere.

Of course, since this is an anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protector, you can expect there to be much fewer fingerprints, a greatly reduced amount of glare, and scratches won’t be as visible as with a clear screen protector. That being said, all anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protectors will reduce the quality of your display, mainly clarity. After a day or two, most people should get used to it. I personally see the benefits of reduced glare/scratches/fingerprints to much outweigh the minor decrease in screen quality.

Overall, for the $5.95, you’re getting an excellent deal for a great set of anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protectors. So long as you take your time with installation, the results should be good, and the added benefits should make using your Nexus 5 much more enjoyable.

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