[Review] elago S5 Outfix MATRIX iPhone 5/5s Case [Video]

Representing the basic design of the iPhone 5/5s itself is the S5 Outfix MATRIX by elago, priced at just $12.99 on Amazon. For the most part, it’s your standard snap-on-the-back type of case, but its design is unique and somewhat eyecatching.

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For your money, you’ll be receiving only the case and its packaging, which is an eco-friendly pouch. Looking for extras? Not here, but given the product’s price, that’s only a minor con.

The material of the case is polycarbonate, with a smooth, soft-touch feel to it, making it grippy and less prone to obviously visible scratches. The back, though, features a brushed aluminum plate, colored to match the rest of the case. This plate gives the case a truly unique design that somewhat mimics that of the basic design of the iPhone 5/5s itself.

Installation is simple, and should start with inserting your phone button-side first, snapping the other side in later. You get a very small lay-on-the-table design, but not enough to where I’d actually classify it as a feature of the case. For the two volume buttons and single silent switch, you’ll be getting one large cutout, so all three hardware features can be accessed with no problems. The top and bottom of the phone are completely exposed, which could pose some protection concerns, depending on how you use your case. The back features the pill-shaped camera cutout, and compared to most cutouts like this, it’s not overly oversized, which I like. Some branding can be found on the aluminum plate as well as the bottom-right side of the case on the back.

With the basics aside, I can easily recommend this case to anybody who happens to be interested in this case, or a case similar to it. The price is right, the case feels good while looking good, so there’s a lot to like here.

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