iPhone 5s outselling iPhone 5c two-to-one, 5c production being cut

Apple’s plan of offering a slightly lower-cost iPhone with colorful designs may not be working very well. According to a report by AllThingsD, the iPhone 5s appears to be outselling the iPhone 5c two-to-one. So, for every 2 iPhone 5s units that are sold, just one iPhone 5c unit is sold. For the end of September, the iPhone 5s accounted for 64% of all iPhone sales, with the iPhone 5c coming in at 27%, with the older iPhone 4s at 9%. In addition, it’s said that overall production and shipments of the iPhone 5c will be cut, with one supplier decreasing component orders by 50%, and another by slightly less than 20%. Apple is expected on Tuesday to unveil updates to their iPads and Macs, where stats over the past few months are discussed.  Is the price of the iPhone 5c still too high ($99 subsidized, $550 without a contract)? Many were hoping that the rumored “low-cost iPhone” would be dramatically cheaper.

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Source: AllThingsD, MacRumors