Customize your own iPhone 5/5s battery case with Uncommon’s Power Gallery

Most battery cases come in black or white finishes, and until now, you were never able to customize it with your own photos or designs. Uncommon offers the “Power Gallery,” a 2200mAh case that allows you to submit your own photo or select one from their gallery. It’s not cheap, coming in at $119.95, while the regular black and white variations are $20 less.

“Our customizable iPhone 5/5s Power Gallery™ case gives the iPhone user the best of both worlds – power and beauty. Since introducing iPhone case mass-customization to the world in 2009, we have continued to push innovation in our industry with our Clearly and Permafrost series and now we proudly present the world’s first customizable iPhone 5 battery case to our customers,” says CEO John Hong.

Photo Gallery

The cases themselves feature a 2200mAh battery, offering “an additional 10 hours of talk time, an additional 42 hours of music playback, and an additional 310 hours of standby time.” Other features include a simple on/off button, a micro USB port for charging and syncing and an included pass-through headphone extension cable.

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