CoD: Ghosts official headsets announced

Turtle Beach has teamed up with Activision to bring Call of Duty: Ghosts branded headsets into the hands of CoD players everywhere. Gamers will be able to purchase three different headsets, including the Shadow, the Spectre and the Phantom. The last of those three is the best, and also has the largest price at $299.95. However, if you look closely, you can see what looks to be an audio cable port, meaning all of the Ghosts-branded headsets will feature wireless chat, although this isn’t confirmed yet (although it is a headset).

The Spectre, which is an apparent rebrand of the 7-series, will feature an inline amp, all with a cost $199. Lastly, we have the Shadow, coming in at $99 dollars. It’s wired and has an inline AMP, so it bascially gives you great sound quality, and gets you a Ghost-branded headset on the cheap. The shipping date for all of these headsets is early November 2013, so around the time when the game is actually out.

Source: Joystiq