The Top Most Attractive Technology For Your Home Or Bag

This guest post was contributed by Jenny Wadlow.

When we think of technology, gadgets and devices, we tend to assume that their main purpose is always going to be practical. For the most part our computers are tools we use for work or organising files, and our phones are devices that we use for communication and probably work.

In fact though, technology these days is about much more than just getting things done. Now it’s about entertainment, it’s about making everyday tasks easier and it’s about accessorising/decorating. Technology can be enjoyed in its own right, and when it’s really well done it can actually be attractive even. Here we will look at some of the best technology for simply looking good – the devices that will transform your living room or turn heads when you get them out in the coffee shop…

The iPad

guest_home_1Apple were perhaps the first company to realise the potential of technology that could also be desirable as a fashion statement – their first stroke of genius in that regard no doubt being their infamous white headphones. From then on though they’ve gone on to pinnacle with their iPads – brilliantly simple slates that offer a window into the web and look incredibly well-made.

MacBook Air

guest_home_2Another brilliant piece of good-looking technology is the MacBook Air. This is a laptop that is thin and light to the degree that would you normally expect of mobile phone – not a laptop. The chrome finish makes this look great from any angle – but it’s the side profile that will really impress.

Huge TVs

guest_home_3If you want to improve the look of your living room, then a gigantic wide-screen (and flatscreen) TV is what you need. This will make a great impression on guests, suggesting that you have some capital to throw at your entertainment, and it will also serve as the feature piece of your room.

The problem some people have with huge TVs of course is that they tend to dominate whatever rooms they’re in. This is true, but considering that your furniture is probably all pointing at your TV anyway, what difference does it make? One way or another, everyone’s looking at your television: so you may as well make it an impressive one!

The Kindle

guest_home_4The Kindle is a stroke of marketing genius that aims technology at a completely different audience from the regular computers and smartphones. And due to this different strategy, the device needed a different look and a different appeal. That’s why the Kindle boasts an e-Ink display and book-like proportions to make it at home on any book case or coffee table. Leave it surreptitiously on your coffee table and you will suggest to guests that you’re well read and keeping with the times…

The Surface

guest_home_5It was thanks to Apple’s stylish swagger that Microsoft have found themselves on the defensive for the first time in as long as anyone can remember. The Surface tablet is their answer to that challenge and it’s another beautifully made piece of technology. This is a piece of kit that looks best when it’s attached to its ingenious ‘touch cover’ or ‘type cover’, but which can also make a charming looking desktop PC when put on a stand and used alongside Microsoft’s Bluetooth ‘Wedge Mouse’ and ‘Wedge Keyboard’.

Dual Monitors

guest_home_6Sometimes a computer looks good just because it’s huge and beastly. While an iPad or a smart TV might add to your interior design, a huge PC set-up with all the bells and whistles has a different kind of indulgent charm in the same way that a nice car does. And the best way to show off your working suit? With dual monitors kitted out for intense multitasking. Or why not three?


guest_home_7Computers and phones aren’t the only technology in the world, and if you’re aiming to find tech that looks aesthetically pleasing then you should in fact steer away from this limiting category. Adding much more to a room is a powerful telescope. The best ones look like something that belong at Nasa, but like the Kindle they also give your room a more learned and cultural flavour. And they’re a great party piece to show to guests or prospective dates.

Who knew technology could be romantic?

Author Bio:

Jenny Wadlow, the author of this post is a freelancer, currently working with At A Glance Décor; a company that offers draperies and shutters in Thousand Oaks. She enjoys spending her weekends camping in the outdoors.