[Review] Perfect Fit Tech Hard Shell for iPhone 5 [Video]

Simple cases can often be good, but only if the price is right. The Hard Shell by Perfect Fit Tech is a good example of a simple case, but with a price that’s a bit high at $24.95.

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That’s not to say that the case is bad, though. The Hard Shell itself is fantastic, consisting of a grippy TPU band (available in black or white) that has an integrated frosted back panel. Bulk’s not an issue, as the case keeps the slim profile of the iPhone 5.

Because of the slim profile, you won’t get much in terms of drop protection, should the phone land on the front. There’s no “lay-on-the-table” design with this case, as the front of the TPU band doesn’t come up and over the display much, if at all.

Cutouts are good, featuring a well-sized cutout for the silent switch, microphone, Lightning port, and speaker. The 3.5mm headset jack, however, is a bit small, so headphones/headsets with larger jacks most likely won’t work too well. For the rear-facing camera, you’ll find a pill-shaped cutout, one that I personally like seeing on cases as opposed to really large ones. I did test using the flash with this case with positive results, but I didn’t test it extensively.

Button covers are fine, with the volume up, volume down and power buttons being covered. They’re easy to press, but you do lose a bit of feedback when pressing them.

Overall, this is a fine case for those who wish to have something minimalistic, yet still gets the job done. If you’re willing to pay the $25 price, then you’ll probably be happy, but I would much rather see this one at $15, with a screen protector.


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  1. Looks like just the case I’ve been looking for, if only it weren’t for the ridiculous price I’d pick one up right away. Great review!

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