[Review] CaseCrown Element Glider for iPhone 5 [Video]

When it comes to slider cases, CaseCrown is generally thought of as being the king. Specific to the iPhone 5 is the Element Glider, you typical 2-piece slider case. However, it features a somewhat rough yet still smooth texture on it, making it unique in this regard. It’s available in multiple colors for $24.95 each from CaseCrown’s website. Or, if you’d rather save $20, you’ll find it on Amazon here.



I opted to review the blue version, as I wasn’t sure what would look best with a black iPhone 5. I typically stick with white or black cases for the black phone, while white seems to work well with any color.

For your money, all you’re getting is the case, so don’t expect any screen protectors. At $25, that’s a bit of a bummer, but at the “drastically lower price,” it would be well worth it.

The case, like most sliders, is made of 2 parts, both with a soft felt liner on the inside. The fit with the phone is a bit tight, but that’s to make sure that the pieces don’t go sliding away from each other during user or while in your bag or pocket. Once both pieces are pieced together, the seam between the two isn’t as noticeable as with most sliders.

You’ll find a cutout on the left side for the two volume buttons as well as the silent switch, while the top features a cutout for the power button. This makes your power button feel different, as it’s quite recessed, but you should be able to get used to it fairly quickly. Along the bottom of the phone is the wide cutout for the speaker, Lightning port, microphone, and 3.5mm headset jack. I’d consider the size of that to be about average, so larger plugs might run into some issues. Lastly, the back is where you’ll find the abnormal cutout for the camera. I haven’t noticed any flash issues when taking photos.

Overall, this is a fantastic slider case for the iPhone 5, featuring a nice, snug fit with a unique texture that most should appreciate and enjoy using for years to come.

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