[Review] Armorz Stealth HD Screen Protector for iPhone 5 [Video]

Made up of “plastic matrix-reinforced by fine fibers of glass” comes the Armorz Stealth HD screen protector. Priced at $29.95 (Amazon), this particular film offers up a hardness rating of 6H, which is nearly twice as durable as your standard thin film, but not quite as durable when compared to 9H tempered glass versions.

Video Review


Due to the materials that this particular screen protector is made of, you’ll be getting a glass-like surface, making it very smooth for finger travel. Armorz says that the materials are also military-grade, receiving their own patent. On the flip-side, you’ll be left with something that’s not against fingerprints or smudges too much. Fortunately, the Stealth HD doesn’t impact display quality whatsoever.

One reason why this screen protector is so durable is because of its thickness. While it’s not quite as thick as tempered glass screen protectors, it’s still fairly thick, making your home button feel recessed. Unlike the Armorz Stealth Extreme R tempered glass screen protector, this doesn’t offer a curved area near the home button or around the display at all, and can sometimes come off as “sharp.”

The name lives up to the product, as the “Stealth” feature makes it appear as though no screen protector is installed onto your device, at all. It’s really quite odd how well it blends in with the rest of the iPhone 5. If the installation didn’t go too well, you are free to take it off and reapply it, but I wouldn’t do this too many times.

While this review was a bit short, there isn’t too much to talk about here. The film is fantastic, albeit too high in price. If you’re willing to pay $30 for one screen shield, you’ll be pretty satisfied with this particular purchase, and shouldn’t need to buy another one for quite some time.

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