Weather Pod for iPhone

This guest post was contributed by Rory Buckley.

Having the option to check accurate and reliable weather data in a quick and hassle-free way makes perfect sense for the any app user, whether you’re looking for a quick forecast check or a more detailed overview. Weather Pod brings a refreshing and unique approach to how you can view your weather conditions, forecasts, astronomy, historic statistics and weather alerts. This app has been very cleverly constructed to show specific weather data based on required touch and swipe actions, making it a fully unique interactive experience.

The first thing that you’ll notice about Weather Pod, is its live-motion interface. The motion background is cleverly designed to reflect your actual current weather conditions, whether it be rain, snow or thunderstorms.

The weather can be initially seen in the form of of simple pod-like icon which delicately sits in the middle of your screen. Upon touching this icon, it will elegantly eject a selection of live weather information (such as current temperature, wind speed/direction etc.) around the screen. The user has the option to simply show or hide this information via simply touching the live weather icon.

One feature that does stand out is the rain (or sleet, snow…) predictor, when the predictor button is touched, the weather icon will cleverly produce a raindrop that displays the likely real-time percentage of it raining in your location.

The app also makes use of iOS swipe abilities, with the ability to access features such as weather forecasts, sunrise/sunset times & historical weather statistics.

Weather Pod also has the ability to detect any existing weather alerts within your area. The app has been programmed to notify the user with a flashing warning symbol when any alerts have been detected. Details of any alert/s can then be viewed via touching the warning symbol.

Weather Pod is available on the App Store for only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies):