All about Bluetooth headsets

This guest post was contributed by Edin.

Technology provides us easier and better life these days. Everything made, is made for ordinary people to feel better and make obligations easier. The same thing is with headsets. These little devices changed our lives in so many ways. We can connect them with our mobile phones, laptops, PCs or some gaming consoles. People use headsets every day for work, entertainment, relaxation, you name it. It doesn’t matter how old are you or where do you live. Headsets are here to give better quality in communicating among team players or coworkers, to help someone relax just by listening to music. That is why they are so popular.

There are different kinds of headsets, different ways of connecting and different purposes for every headset. Common headset consists of earbud and microphone. Main difference is in their design, there are mono and stereo headsets. Mono headset consists of one earbud, usually can go on both ears, and microphone which is part of that earbud. This kind of headset is generally for communication, that’s why business people use it. Good thing about it is that you can hear what is going on around you. The other kind, stereo, covers both of your ears. Microphone is usually part of the earbud, but is can be on a cable near your mouth. Some people say that stereo headsets are better for enjoying music than mono, due to surrounding sound system. They are usually larger than mono headset. Also, headsets can go in your ear and on your ear. Most people tend to choose the ones that go on your ear because they are more comfortable.

You can connect headset with some device by wire and by Bluetooth. Bluetooth is better because there aren’t any wires that can get in the way. It is more simpler without them. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can connect two devices and share information between them. So, your mobile phone can be in your pocket and you can talk freely on it without any problem. Bluetooth headset is one of the best gadgets that can change your life and make it easier in simple way and short time.


Edin is a student in Polytechnicum Zagrabiense in Zagreb and he is a big technology  fan. He researches devices and then he makes a website about that device with advises and reviews to help others. His last page is Best Bluetooth Headset.