8 best Android tablet apps

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As the world is increasing on a rapid rate, the use of mobile phones is increasing on a rapid rate. There are many different kinds of latest technology mobile phones available which are being loved by the people on a large scale.

Moreover, the tablet apps is also increasing on a rapid rate. The different companies who provide the best android tablet phones are

  • Google
  • HTC
  • Samsung

There are a lot of applications present in all the android phones but the best ones are:

Kindle – provides the best seller digital books

Kindle is a wonderful app which is used in the android tablets and phones. It enables the user to download the best seller novels and books in the form of digital books and read them. This application provides more than 750,000 digital books to be directly downloaded to the android device. One can also preview the long list of books and select their preferred one.

CNN App – stay in touch with the latest happenings

In order to stay in touch with all the latest events happening all around the world, the CNN App is considered to be the best which helps the people in staying in touch with all the latest happenings.

Opera Browser Beta –one of the fastest web browsers

Opera Mini and Mobile Web Browser is considered to be one of the fastest web browsers, which helps in surfing the internet on the android tablet phones which helps the people in quick surfing of the internet.

Vyclone– Easy shooting of films

This app was launched last year and allows the people to shoot for the videos in an effective manner. In other words, it allows the shooting video to capture all the things happening around in an effective and an efficient manner.

Temple Run OZ–enjoy the running game

This is another most loved app by the android tablets users, which is designed by the Disney and provides one of the most awesome graphics and increases the fun of playing a game on the phone. It is a franchise to the Temple Run and Temple Run 2 and is being loved by all.

Skype Wi Fi – Stay in touch with your loved ones

The Skype has been improved and it helps you in staying in touch with your near and dear ones. It is one of the most liked apps which now works with the Wi FI and allows the people to catch the online people around.

Photo Shop Touch for Android – make the necessary changes in the pictures

Adobe has presented a photo shop for the android phones; this helps in quick and easy editing of the pictures and thereby provides wonderful edited pictures to the people.

Humble Bumble – get extra with the downloading

This is one of the latest apps being made available in the world of Android Tablets; this allows downloading of six games along with various different soundtracks.

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