Massive Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta test happening this weekend, details inside

Like Just Cause 2? Like playing games online with thousands of other people simultaneously? The best of both worlds are coming together for a massive 48-hour beta test of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, happening this weekend. It’s been two months since the previous test, and this one is looking to be the largest one yet. A number of unique changes have been made to the mod since the last test, including Steam authentication to block pirates, improvements to performance, an all-new mod launcher, and more. You’ll find the full changelog below, but to know when the test actually starts, visit the full list of times here.


0.0.12 Changes

New Features:

  • Client
    • Base features
      • Added Steam authentication
      • Added clientside console on ~
      • Nick autocompletion in chat on pressing Tab
      • Added properly-implemented time and weather sync
      • Added loading screen
      • Added gui_hide_logo and gui_hide_fps console commands
      • Completely redesigned launcher, with support for launching from URL
    • Scripts
      • Added spawn protection (no shooting or damage within 10m of spawns)
      • Completely redesigned nametags to be much more space-friendly and performant
      • Added in-game help dialog
    • Lua
      • Added support for setting waypoint position in Lua
      • Added CEGUI bindings for Lua
      • Added Lua functions to get player bones, and bone positions
      • Added Lua function to draw circles
  • Server
    • Base features
      • Added SQLite3 database to server
      • Added Lua-based configuration
      • Server announces presence to server list
      • Server can now be queried for data (players, etc)
      • Added persistent ban support (based on SteamIDs)
      • Added –maxplayers, –bindip and –bindport launch parameters
    • Lua
      • Added support for Lua packages
      • Added support for UDP socket communication to Lua
  • Shared
    • Lua
      • Added support for getting players’ SteamIDs in Lua
      • Added cryptographic hash functions to Lua (MD5, SHA1, SHA256)

Bug Fixes:

  • Client
    • Fixed crash where mounted gun was non-existent on a vehicle
    • Players can now be teleported while in an in-progress teleport
    • Fixed inaccurate camera position and angle issue
    • Fixed money not being reset on disconnection
    • Fixed aerial vehicles not being teleported properly
    • Fixed threading crash issues
    • Fixed issue where loading screen could fail to display properly
    • Fixed issue with timestep sync
    • Chat now renders on top of all other GUI
    • Fixed issue where loading screen wouldn’t go away on death while disconnected
    • Fixed vehicle spawn callback being called when invalid vehicle ID passed in
    • Fixed inability to type ~ in chat
    • Fixed CEGUI resource management being crash-prone
    • Fixed CEGUI input blocking being sporadic
    • Fixed launcher crash if website is down
  • Server
    • Fixed crash where vehicle was non-existent
    • Fixed crash where vehicle existed, but was not in vehicle pool
    • Fixed crash on attempting to get value from a non-existent category in config
    • Fixed crash on error in UDP receive handler
    • Fixed authentication issue where clients were unable to connect
    • Fixed authentication time sync issue where clients were unable to connect


  • Client
    • Significant speedup in render functions, increasing FPS
    • Removed F3 to disconnect (use disconnect console command)

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Source: JC-MP