[Review] GX-Gaming Maurus Budget Gaming Mouse [Video]

Improving your PC gaming experience doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. For example, GX-Gaming’s “Maurus” gaming mouse is extremely affordable at just $34.07 (at the time of this writing) on Amazon. With it, both FPS and RTS players can see a noticeable increase in sensitivity and accuracy. This mouse is also perfect for those who wish to get away from their general Logitech or Microsoft computer mouse, and into the gaming peripheral market without overdoing it.



As mentioned above, this is a very affordable mouse. That being said, it’s a bit basic. Some of its entry-level features include your standard left and right click buttons, a ratcheted scroll wheel, and left and right trigger buttons. In more fancier features, you’ll notice a white, customizable light around the GX-Gaming scorpion, a braided USB cable with a gold-plated USB plug, and DPI settings between 450 and 3500.

To best make use of all of the mouse’s features, you’ll want to install the Windows software, available on a CD in the package as well as on the mouse’s website. I left the majority of the settings at their stock values, while decreasing the DPI to 900 and turning the light completely off. I felt that a DPI of 900 was a good mix between accurate gaming and accurate general usage of Windows.

Both the size and weight of the mouse were lower than I’d expected, making it take an extra amount of time to get used to. A slightly bigger build with a little more weight would’ve been nice. However, once I started getting used to the new mouse, I noticed a greater amount of accuracy in games as well as general usage with Windows. More specifically, my long-range accuracy in a FPS, such as Call of Duty, was much improved. In games where the action is typically close, it didn’t help much.

At the sub-$35 price, the Maurus is a no-brainer purchase. Obviously, it’s properly priced, but the mouse itself really does help with gaming, at least to me, and that’s really all that matters.

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