[Review] Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Plus [Video]

There are a number of situations where using a stylus would just feel more convenient to use. That being said, finding the right stylus could be hard, as they come available in nearly every shape, weight, design, and price that you can think of. To help with your shopping decisions, I’ll be taking a look at a $14.95 stylus, called the Pogo Sketch Plus by Ten One Design.




At its core, this is perhaps one of the most simplistic and better designed stylus pens currently available. It’s made of aluminum, so you already know that it’s made of strong and sturdy materials.

Up top is a metal shirt clip, allowing you to easily clip the stylus to your shirt pocket or somewhere else. The business end of the stylus contains a conductive rubber tip, the kind that’s used to interact with capacitive displays. Because there are holes on the tip itself, you don’t have to put as much force onto your device as you normally would, but this only helps a little bit.

Quite honestly, I don’t know what else there is to say about the Pogo Sketch Plus that wasn’t already said. It’s made of great materials, works well, looks good, and is reasonably priced. This is a no-brainer solution to someone who’s looking for a simple stylus to use either their touchscreen devices.

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