[Review] Kay’s Case FrostingShell iPhone 5 Case [Video]

Dual-layer cases are quite popular nowadays, and that’s what the Kay’s Case FrostingShell is.




First, the price: it’s very reasonable, at a modest $14.99 on Amazon. Keep in mind that that is all that you’ll be getting–the case itself. Expecting a few screen shields? You might be disappointed.

However, the case itself is actually quite good, hence the reasonable price. You can find the FrostingShell in a number of different color combinations, each of which are available for $14.99 each.

The FrostingShell consists of a tough and durable silicone layer, followed by a plastic outer shell. If you wanted to, you could just use the silicone piece all by itself. If you’d like to go for the full kit, then the hard outer layer fits extremely well with the silicone layer. The plastic outer layer has a soft-touch feel to it, which helps reduce the amount of visible scratches as well as fingerprints, for the most part; you’ll have a fair amount of smudges to deal with, but they aren’t too bad. Oh, the silicone can also attract a fair amount of dust and debris, although it’s a pretty easy and quick case to clean.

Perhaps the best feature about the case is regarding its button covers. For both of the volume buttons as well as the power button, you’ll get an extreme amount of feedback when being pressed (the “click” noise, rather). Also, they’re all quite easy to press, although they require an extra bit of travel until you actually get from the silicone over to the button itself. Lastly, the silicone also provides you with a bit of a lay-on-the-table design as well as a lip that helps cover some of the bezel/glass of your phone, giving you a little more protection.

The cutouts at the bottom of the iPhone 5 are fairly large, but can be maneuvered a bit, should you have Lightning cables or headphones with larger-than-normal plugs.

Ultimately, “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always fit, and with the FrostingShell, you actually do get a quality case for the near-$15 price tag.

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