[Review] Musubo Hypergrip for iPhone 5 [Video]

If grip is your thing, then you’ll find that the Hypergrip case by Musubo (Amazon) would be up your alley.




For your $29.99, the case itself features a unique design using silicone as its primary material. This ultimately provides with your an extreme amount of grip as well as a fair amount of drop/shock protection. Installation is simple, with the fit of it around your phone being mostly good, minus the top and bottom of the case, which can both be a bit loose. I imagine that, over time, this could possible get worse than it already is. The silicone itself is rather thick, however, so you may want to look elsewhere if you are looking for something that’s slim or doesn’t add much bulk to your device. There’s a plastic piece that fits onto the back of the case that adds to the styling while helping the case keep its shape a bit.

While you don’t get a screen protector with your purchase, you do get a small Musubo-branded plastic video stand. For the most part, it works quite well, and it might be rather handy under a number of situations.

Many may find the case’s design to be a bit overdone, but if you like what you see online, you’ll most likely like it even better on your device. If you can get over the fact that the top and bottom of the case can be a bit loose, with the potential of that getting worse the longer you use the case, then I think that you might enjoy this one quite a bit.

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