[Review] Marware Stash iPhone 5 Case [Video]

Many may find that they would rather leave their wallet behind for quick trips to the grocery store, for example. Perhaps using an iPhone case with some slots for a few cards, such as a credit card and a driver’s license, would be easier for them. Marware’s Stash (Amazon) takes care of this for $34.99. It essentially adds a little storage compartment to the back of your iPhone that allows you to easily store up to two cards.




The Stash is made up of three polycarbonate pieces, each of which is [obviously] places onto your iPhone 5. The top and bottom pieces fit very tightly, and may cause slight bubbling with your screen protector. There is a lay-on-the-table design, so if you don’t use a screen protector, you can safely lay your phone display-down onto a table without the screen actually touching it. The third piece fits into the middle, and snaps around your case securely. Removing it could be trick, so take the removal process slowly.

The back piece is also where you’ll insert up to two cards. They can slide in quite easily, and are secured into place. There’s a cutout in the middle, allowing you to slide a card or two out for use. There’s also a slit on the back of the case that allows you to insert a card to use as a stand in both portrait and landscape orientations. This works quite well, although I can’t imagine it being safe if you happen to use this in a public place. It might have been good for Marware to include a thinner card that could be dedicated to using this feature, rather than a card that might be important.

In a nutshell, the Marware Stash is a good alternative to the many wallet cases that already exist. The installation is different from what you’d expect from the typical one-piece case, but other than the potential issue with screen protectors, the Stash wouldn’t be a bad choice to go with.

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