[Review] X-Doria Dash Icon (Cubes) iPhone 5 Case [Video]

When it comes to back covers for the iPhone 5, X-Doria designs some of the better ones around. Priced at $29.99 comes the Dash Icon (X-Doria | Amazon), more specifically, the Cubes. Each case in the Dash Icon feature a tough, polycarbonate shell with the unique “3D textured fabric wrap.”




At its core, the Dash Icon is your typical snap-on back cover for the iPhone 5. Installation is very simple, and so is the removal process. For protection, you can’t expect too much, as some crucial areas of your iPhone are clearly exposed and, under the right drop conditions, can be heavily damaged. The exposed areas include the volume button/silent switch area, power button area, and bottom port/speaker/microphone area. Unlike many back covers like this, the Dash Icon actually offers a bit of a lay-on-the-table design.

The particular design of the Dash Icon that I have is called the Cubes. From X-Doria’s other choices, the Herringbone version of the Dash Icon catches my attention the most. Each Dash Icon features a colored polycarbonate shell with their “3D textured fabric wrap” back on it, of which is very high quality as one can easily tell once they hold the case in the hand. The sides of the case are both of glossy polycarbonate. While this won’t help you for fingerprints or scratches, you will get a fair amount of grip.

Because of how simple this case is, I don’t know what else to say about it. There’s no doubt that the Dash Icon series of cases are high-quality pieces of art. At the price of $30, they might be a bit pricey to some, especially considering that no screen protector or extra of any kind is included, but the case itself will surely make up for that.

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