[Review] CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 5 [Video]

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere without taking your wallet while still wanting to take a few cards with you? The Q Card Case by CM4 for the iPhone 5 is one of the many options that are available to take a look at. It’s priced at $39.99 from their website as well as from Amazon.




With the Q Card case, you’ll be able to safely fit up to 3 cards into the back of the case as well as some cash or notes. I was easily able to fit up to 4 cards (with no cash) without having to worry about the cards sliding out of place. The card area is made of what feels like faux-leather that has some good stitching on it, all held onto the case thanks to some very strong adhesive.

The case itself is made of TPU that has a soft-touch coating throughout it, making fingerprints and scratches less of an issue, which can sometimes make the case a bit slipper to get a hold of as opposed to glossy materials. I’m a big fan of the case portion itself, as the button covers are easy to press and the cutouts are large and easy to get to, although the camera cutout on the back is a bit too large. What I like the most is that this case has a large “lip,” where the case comes up and over your display a bit to protect even more of your glass.

And that’s all there really is to this particular case. It’s a high-quality iPhone accessory that does what it’s advertised as doing, and it does it quite well.

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