[Tutorial] Stop the latest Chrome for iOS update from crashing

Yesterday, Google updated Chrome for iOS to version 25.1364.86. While it was supposed to fix some bugs, it actually introduced a major one that cause the app to crash every 3 to 5 seconds after launch, primarily on jailbroken devices. An easy fix has been discovered, and takes just a few seconds to apply.

You’ll need iFile on your device. Of, if you’re already aware of the many ways to interact with the file system of your iOS device from a computer, then you can use that method.

Regardless, you’ll need to open [path_to_Chrome]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State with any standard text editor. After that, find the line that reads “reporting_enabled”: false,. Change false to true, and the app should be able to run without any issues.

Google is expected to be releasing an update that solves this, but it’s currently unknown as to when the update will be released.

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