The case for why your iPhone needs one

This guest post was contributed by Haley Soloman.

There are people who actually have their iPhone 5 and walk around with it without the case.  Why people do that is beyond me.  In fact it’s not something that really makes a lot of sense.  The iPhone 5 is probably one of the biggest investment items anyone can have today. It can run your day-to-day, you can listen to music, watch movies, play games, and even catch up on your favourite sports team. It can do a lot of things for each day.  As such, you want to protect it with what you can.  There are many other reasons why you want to protect it with a case.


Frankly it looks kind of tacky when you have an iPhone without a case.  Some cases can be bulky and it doesn’t fit well within the pocket, but there are plenty of others out there that are just fine and small enough that it doesn’t become a detriment.

Really, having an iPhone 5 case isn’t about being fashionable or making a plain looking iPhone 5 look good.  It certainly gives off a look of professionalism in some regards.  It also makes a lot of sense to cover something up that is just barebones.


This is probably the most obvious reason and the one that doesn’t require a lot of thinking to it.  Leather iPhone 5 cases are much more effective than plastic ones.  In some cases, they’re even better than Otter Boxes – and a lot less expensive.  There isn’t a whole lot that leather can’t do. It’s shock absorbent, somewhat waterproof, mold proof, and it can take a beating.  Your phone knows what’s like to suffer through many stresses each day.

Your phone already goes through enough stress enough already being put in your pocket all day, being left in the car, or taking it to the bathroom with you.  You might as well give it as much protection while you can.  Phones in general last longer when they have a leather case. With a phone like the iPhone 5 you almost have to give it the best protection that’s out there.

Preventative Maintenance

This is probably the best way to approach it.  There is some preventative maintenance involved when you buy an adequate cover.  Your phone has a number of dents and dings on it. Some of that is a cause of your neglect. But those dents and dings will eventually take its toll on the phone.  Your apps will run slower, the phone will take longer to start, it can lead to cracks and breaks…and the list goes on.

Keeping the iPhone 5 for as long as people can is a great benefit to you and your bank account.  It also makes the phone look better.  As far as leather iPhone 5 cases go, the way to go is by customizing it or at the very least getting one with a solid color.  Some people say that the type of phone cover you get is a reflection on you.  That doesn’t hold a lot of truth to it, but you should get whatever you feel like getting.

The world is your oyster.  Leather iPhone 5 cases are perfectly suited for the phone, too, since they are longer and thinner than its previous versions.  Some phone covers aren’t designed or built to handle the new length. You’ll be surprised how much abuse your phone can take after you have a cover.  It’s probably best not to test that theory on purpose, though.  A good, solid leather iPhone 5 cover should last the duration of the phone.  They are built that way – and now you can understand why people really wanted leather back in the day.

Author Bio

Haley Soloman has worked for many cell phone carriers and accessory stores throughout his career. She recommends getting a custom leather iPhone 5 case for extra protection and durability.