Bump for iOS gets an update

Bump has been around for a long time now, and can be used to send information from one iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wirelessly, by simply “bumping” the two devices together to signal a connection. An update last year added the capability to bump information across from an iOS device to a Mac, using a web interface. You could not send information from a Mac to an iOS device, however. In the latest update, this has been introduced to allow information from Mac to iOS and vice-versa.

To utilise this new feature, you need to update your Bump app from the iTunes App Store – version 3.5.6. Once this is done, you can go ahead and input “www.bu.mp” into your Mac’s browser. Tap the space bar and you should see your iOS device pop up on screen. You now have the option to send files to your iOS device! You are free to send any file, photo, video, etc.

This new feature really rounds off and completes a very simple way to send and receive data between your Apple products wirelessly. In a general test, I could not fault its credibility, as I found myself saying to a friend, “it just works.” I can see many more users seeking to use Bump as a result.