iOS 6.1 jailbreak confirmed and ready to go, just need iOS 6.1

While the jailbreak developers tend to remain quiet most of the time, most of the big names have been very active lately in regards to giving out details about the upcoming jailbreak. What we know is that it’s practically finished–we just need the public version of iOS 6.1 so that the developers can verify their exploits. It’ll also work for any device that runs iOS 6.1, even the Apple TV 2G if they happen to release that firmware in time, but we won’t see an Apple TV 3G jailbreak anytime soon. If everything goes as planned, the jailbreak could be released the same day as the release as iOS 6.1 itself. Here are some of the tweets of interest.

If you’re wondering which account you should follow, @evad3rs is the one. This account is made of @pimskeks, @planetbeing, @pod2g and @MuscleNerd. Given MuscleNerd’s last tweet above, the first tweet from @evad3rs should be the one that announces the jailbreak, which will then be available at As always, you can feel free to follow me, @besweeet, on Twitter for random tech ramblings.

But folks, it’s actually coming, and it’s coming soon. The months of waiting will soon be over.