Intel unwraps their latest 4th-gen Core CPUs, aims for mobile to deliver ‘all-day battery life’

During Intel’s CES 2013 press conference earlier today, Intel spilled all the details regarding their upcoming CPUs, all of which are aimed primarily for mobile use in smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, detachables, and regular notebooks. One of the stand-out features is supposed “all-day” battery life, which equates to about 9 hours of continuous use. Equally as interesting is their update Atom system-on-a-chip, which now has quad-core power that’s packed into a 22nm size, dubbed the Atom Z2760. For you desktop enthusiasts, no real mention of the desktop chips came about, but those should still be coming later this year. If you’re interested in reading the massive press release, you’ll find a link to it below.

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Source: Intel