DISH Network announces latest Hopper DVR with integrated Slingbox, video transfers to iPad

Viewing your television content on-the-go can often be a hassle, but with innovative products, such as the Slingbox, that could be made into something that’s very easy and sometimes fun. DISH Networks’ latest Hopper DVR now has an technology from Sling built right into it, meaning you can stream your Hopper’s content, including live television, to practically any device that has an Internet connection, no matter where you are throughout the world. The “Hopper with Sling” also allows you to transfer content that was recorded to the DVR directly to an iPad to view them locally without the need of an Internet connection. For tech specs, the processor is nearly 3-times as fast as the previous Hopper, and the unit also features a 2TB hard drive, allowing you to record up to 500 hours of HD TV, or 2,000 hours of SD TV. Unfortunately, typical of CES, pricing and availability information won’t be available until later in January.

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Source: DISH