Planetbeing claims to have untethered iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak, won’t be released until after iOS 6.1 is out

Ah, finally, some news about an untethered iOS 6.0.x jailbreak from a legitimate source! Planetbeing, the man behind past work, such as other jailbreaks and software-based unlocks, posted some information on Reddit regarding the next jailbreak. It’s typical of jailbreak developers to hold off on giving any details about jailbreaks until something worth talking about is actually available, so this came as quite a surprise to many, especially given the odd Twitter hashtag trend that @pod2g was attempting yesterday, where people started to think that people gave up on jailbreaking.

Anyway, what Planetbeing had to say was actually interesting. He says that he has a running (and practically fully-working) untethered jailbreak on his white iPhone 5 that runs iOS 6.0.2. Plenty of things work, including all-so critical MobileSubstrate. While these guys have untethered jailbreaks, they’re, as usual, saving their good exploits for something further down the line. Right now, they’re primarily waiting for iOS 6.1 to be released to see what all has changed, and to see if any of their existing bugs work on the newer version of iOS. Planetbeing also claims that “reports of its [jailbreaking] death are highly exaggerated,” which is actually quite good to hear.

Simply put, a jailbreak is coming soon. I’ll even go as far as to say that we’ll see one within the next couple of weeks, given how complete the jailbreak seems to be and how soon iOS 6.1 will be released. Everyone just needs to hope to hell that Apple doesn’t pull a fast one in iOS 6.1, which could potentially delay a jailbreak by quite a lot of time.

What should you, the user, do? Just be patient, as that’s all that you really can do, unless you want to jump-ship to the Galaxy S III, which @pod2g claims many people are doing.

Lastly, Planetbeing seems to be a fan of Reddit, saying “I like the smaller /r/jailbreak community more.” You can keep track of his posts on Reddit by visiting his profile here.

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Source: Reddit

Image Credit: @planetbeing