Jack of Many Trades: The HTC HD2 Running Windows RT

HTC probably didn’t know it a few years ago when they initially launched the HTC HD2, but the device is set to become one of the most hackable in history.

So far, various hackers have managed to port Linux, Android and more onto the old device, of which originally shipped with Windows Mobile. Now, hacker Cotulla, has found a way to run Windows RT on the phone, which is the tablet/ARM version of Windows 8. As with many things “unofficial” in the technology world, we will have to wait for a download of RT HD2 IF it is to come about. In any case this is quite a feat for Cotulla and could pave the way for more Windows RT ROMs for phones to follow. From Cotulla’s various images that he has tweeted, it seems quite usable, despite the slow single-core CPU and just 256MB of RAM.