[Jailbreak Tweak] A look at Auxo 2 by A³tweaks (Video)

One long-awaited tweak for jailbroken iOS devices is Auxo 2 by A³tweaks, a much improved and iOS 7-friendly version of the popular multitasking modification from a little more than a year ago. Some basic pricing information can be found below, but the best way to understand what Auxo 2 can do and how it works is to watch our quick overview video below.



Auxo 2’s available in the BigBoss Cydia repo for $3.99, or at $1.99 if you’ve purchased the original Auxo. At just about $4, it’s a pretty steep price as far as Cydia tweaks go, but the tweak itself may just make up for that.

All told, Auxo 2 is a fantastic tweak that really shows what jailbreaking your device is capable of. It makes switching between apps a breeze, and also makes you use your home button less.

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