Scubo3D: Shoot and view 3D images and videos on your iPhone!


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Everything is in 3D these days.From the movie theater to the home TV set to Nintendo games, 3D seems to be the rage. However, creating content in 3D has always been a challenge best left to the pros with expensive cameras and fancy software. That is, until now! Introducing the Scubo3d iPhone 5 Case. The case and app that lets you take your own 3D pictures and video, view it on your iPhone (in 3 dimensions) and beam it to your TV set for the entire family to watch!

3D to the People!

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Scubo3d is pioneering a new way of taking and viewing 3d pictures and movies, and it’s putting the technology in the palm of your hand. Or more accurately, on your iPhone. Simply download their free app and shoot a picture or video with it using the built in camera on your iPhone. The app converts the images into 3D and adds depth to them automatically. Then, by sliding their “Scubo Viewer” over your screen, you can see the images in full 3D!

The app lets you share your images with your friends via social networks, and will even beam the video/images to a 3D tv of your choice so the entire family can enjoy them! As far as we know, this is the first time that anybody can shoot in 3-dimensions without specialized hardware and know-how!

Scubo also has a host of other cool accessories like the ScuboCase (24,95 €) which is a TPU plastic case with a built-in ScuboViewer screen that can be stored in the back of the case. Also they have an attachable ScuboCam (89,95 €) which is essentially a second camera for your iPhone that plugs into the lightning port and creates even higher quality 3d images and videos with ease.

We got to check them out at the San Francisco Engadget: Expand conference this year, and they looked pretty neat. The technology works, the app is pretty slick, and it’ll turn any amateur photographer into a 3D artist in no time at all! If you are even remotely into 3D photography, or if you happen to own a 3D TV, this will be of interest to you. We expect to see great things from Scubo3d as the word gets out!

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