[Tutorial] Install Mac OS X 10.8.2 on your PC (hackintosh/OSx86) with iATKOS ML2


Hackintoshing can be both fun and incredibly frustrating. Depending on your hardware setup, installing Mac OS X can be either a walk in the park, or a living nightmare. In some rare cases, it might not work at all. Hackintoshing is all about research, trial and error, patience, and experimentation. The end result could potentially be something that’s extremely stable and usable, if not perfect. This guide is here to help you get up and running, but keep in mind that all of this may or may not take quite some time and some knowledge beforehand.

Requirements/Important Information

First, you’ll need to grab yourself a copy of “iATKOS ML2,” which is a pre-made PC-ready copy of Mac OS X 10.8.2 with a number of fixes already included. If you don’t already own a copy of Mountain Lion, it’d be recommended for you to simply buy a copy from Apple, as it’s only $19.99 here. Why? By not already owning a copy, simply downloading iATKOS ML2 would be considered piracy, which is a no-no. Download iATKOS ML2 here.

You’ll also need either a dual-layer DVD, a Blu-ray disc, or a USB flash drive. The copy of iATKOS ML2 comes in the form of a .DMG file, which is a Mac thing. More is explained below.

If your computer uses an AMD processor, then you’re out of luck, as no AMD-compatible kernels are available. Because of this, Mac OS X can’t run on your machine. Intel machines, however, will work just fine, assuming you at least have a Core 2 Duo.

Lastly, you’ll need at least 20GB of free disk space, whether it be on your SSD, HDD, or an external drive.

Part 0 – BACKUP!

When dealing with anything on your computer, it’s common practice to back your data up. For me, I backup my Windows computer using EaseUS Todo Backup Free, a 100% free piece of software that makes backing up and restoring your machine a breeze.

Part 1 – Partitioning Your Drive

You’ll need a place to install Mac OS X to, right? For most people, they simple want to allocate some space on their existing SSD or HDD to be used with Mac OS X.

If you’re on Windows, hit WinKey+R, type in “diskmgmt.msc” into the box, and hit Enter. Right click on your existing drive/partition, and go to Shrink Volume. After a moment, it should give you the amount of space that can be used for shrinkage. If it isn’t showing very much, then I recommend using Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. It’s pretty self-explanatory to use.

Part 2 – Creating Your Installation Media

You’ll need to “burn” the .DMG file to an external storage medium of your choice, which can be, as mentioned above, a dual-layer DVD, Blu-ray disc, or even a USB flash drive.

If you’re on Windows, you can use a copy of Transmac, but this will only work with a DVD or a Blu-ray disc. USB drive? Sorry. You can, however, get a copy of Mac OS X inside of a virtual machine and then follow the Mac OS X method below. Many pre-made VMware images can be found online.

If you’re on Mac OS X, you can simply use Disk Utility to restore the DMG file to your flash drive or blank disc. If you went the USB route, you’ll need to download and install this package, using the flash drive as the destination.

Part 3 – Booting the Mac OS X Installer

Now comes the fun part! Insert your installation media, and reboot your computer. Usually, your computer will boot from external sources automatically, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to figure out which keyboard button brings up your BIOS’s boot selection menu. Some of the most common keys are F10, F11 (for me, using an MSI motherboard), and F12.

You should now be at the iATKOS boot screen, with iATKOS ML2 being selected for you already. Type in “-v” and hit enter. You should see a lot of text going on on your display. This is good. It’s basically a text-only version of the Apple boot screen. This is neat, because you’ll be able to visually see the boot process. Verbose mode is also used for troubleshooting issues when booting.

If you’re at the Mac OS X Installer, then proceed to Part 4. If the boot process froze somewhere, try booting with “-v -x” which boots into safe mode while still showing the text. If something else happened, take a picture of where the boot process froze, and post it below. If you had to boot with safe mode, then the automatic audio installer won’t work, so you won’t have sound when you boot Mac OS X after the installation. You can try and install it later by going to your installation media from with Mac OS X /System/Installation/Packages/audio.pkg.

Part 4 – Installing Mac OS X

Now that you’re at the Mac OS X installer, hit Continue. In the menubar, go to Utilities, and then Disk Utility.

In the left sidebar, click on the partition/drive that you plan on installing Mac OS X to. In the middle area, click on the Erase tab. Give the partition a name (for me, I chose “ML”), and choose Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) as the filesystem. Click on the Erase button to format the partition. Lastly, close out of Disk Utility.

Proceed through the next screens from the installer. When you get to where you can click on the Customize button, click on it. From here, you have a number of different installation options to choose from to make things more compatible. Each item comes with a description, so read it to determine whether or not you’ll need to select it. Once you’ve selected your options, you can now begin the installation.

To troubleshoot any potential installation problems, you’ll want to bring up the installation log by going to the Window menu and choosing Installation Log. Next, choose Show All Logs in the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner.

At the end of the installation process, you should be presented with an option to restart your computer. Go ahead and do that.

Part 5 – Booting Mac OS X

Now that it’s installed, you should be able to boot from the drive/partition that you installed Mac OS X to. Hopefully, everything would’ve worked out just fine, and you’re at the Mac OS X setup assistant. Now comes the process of making sure that all of your hardware is working properly, which typically includes audio, video, USB, Ethernet, and wireless. A lot of these things should work post-installation, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to do some research to find out if your hardware is supported or not. For most people, drivers are available.

If something happened during the boot process, take a picture of where you might think that the issue happens, and post it down below.


Your preliminary OSx86 journey has now come to an end, and you should now be able to enjoy using Mac OS X on your PC. Even if you installed it as a little project only, I hope that you learned something from it, as it may help you in further projects later down the line.

If you need any help, feel free to post a comment down below, and I’ll try to answer it.

I was thinking about making a video tutorial for this, but my system is UEFI-based, which makes things a lot more complicated. Most people use a basic MBR setup, in which case things should work out smoothly. If you’re using EFI, then chances are that you already know what you’re doing.

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  • Wanazahar

    stuck at “no interval found using 8000000 “

  • Lazaac

    vga can or not..?

  • Crossingthemountain

    Hey man,
    I installed using -v and texts runs down for a while then the screen goes black and that’s all she wrote. I have tried several other commonly advised boot flags such as -v, -x, -f, pcirootuid=0, and graphics enabler=no. It always starts running a little bit of text then black screen. Tried upgrading from 10.6.6 and freezes at registering updated components. I have restored to USB, but I have to find the boot package you recommended from somewhere else because the iatkos link is dead. Please help me if you wouldnt mind! Thank you! Sorry I’m such a noob to this.

    • besweeet

      If you could try and catch the last line of text that you see, then that’d be great information to know.

  • LiberalRepublican3six

    I have windows 8 Dv6 late 2011 Intel 2600k, AMD Radeon 6770m . Would this work with my system? Also, will I still be able to use Windows 8 alongside with OSX the same way I could with Ubuntu and Windows 8?

    • besweeet

      You’re asking questions that you can answer by simply trying it out for yourself.

      • LiberalRepublican3six

        It would be be very helpful if I know whether I would still be able to use Windows 8 before I take the dive. It would also be helpful if you could tell me whether your instructions will work on a windows 8 system.

        • besweeet

          It’s very hard for me to answer your elementary-level question. Some quick, basic research would be able to easily answer your questions.

          • LiberalRepublican3six

            You may not answer another question but I’ll give it a shot anyway. I only have DVDs that can store up to 4.3 GB each. Is it possible to use 2 DVDs for this process of installing OSX ML?

            Again, I’m asking such question because I don’t want to mess everything up doing things that may not work to begin with.

          • LiberalRepublican3six

            Never mind. It is not possible to divide the .dmg file.

          • besweeet

            As long as you back your data up, you shouldn’t have any worries.

  • Won Han

    After being done installing, I’m currently on OSX 10.8.2, but one thing really annoying me is that I cannot run 32-bit apps but 64-bit apps only. I have no ideas with that. This never happens for the others, I suppose. I have tried to look for solutions but found nothing. Please help me! Thanks.

    • besweeet

      Hmm… That’s weird. It should be able to run x86 and x64 apps just fine. I don’t know what to do.

  • LiberalRepublican3six

    I’m getting stuck at the press any key to startup from iatkos ml2. I press any key or f8 but nothing happens

  • Anonymous

    Does this work on laptop pcs? I have a gateway with core i3-2350m 4gb ram 320gb hdd. 

  • Mcf Jansen

    No bootsector on usb….. I tried to find the package mentioned, but got a 404 error; not found….

  • Koen

    When I boot Mountain Lion from my USB it stuck on the following message:
    Kernel_patcher c(534) : Patching 64bit XNU Kernel 33587200.0.0

    Please let me know if you’ve any suggestions to solve this problem.

    • besweeet

      Can’t help without knowing your hardware.

  • Dmitry

    First of all I want to tell you great thanks for this usefull and understandable post. But during installation of MacOS with iAtkosML2 on my PC I’ve recieved some problems: if I install with
    “-v” installation has frozen at pic.1

    if I boot with
    “-v -x” installation has frozen at pic.2

    Could you help me please to solve this problem.
    My hardware:
    intel i5 3.2 Hz
    P8Z77-V LX
    GTX660 2Gb
    8Gb DDR3
    one HDD 1TbMany thanks in advance.

    • besweeet

      Try booting with npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000, both along with -v.

      • Dmitry

        it didn’t help, have you got other suggestions?

        • besweeet

          Try a different USB port.

          • Dmitry

            many thanks! It was a great idea! I succesfully installed this OS, but after rebooting when I load ML in verbos mode it switched to white screen. The photo of screen with last words is attached. And then nothing happens.

          • besweeet

            What options did you choose at the installation/customize menu?

          • Dmitry

            I choosed options as you can see in attached file. I tried to load with different flags: -x, -f, cpus=1or2 etc. but it didn’t help.

          • besweeet

            The label for one of your drives looks really weird… That *might* be the problem. Try choosing fewer options under customize this time.

  • Hi I installed iATKOS ML2 but it crashes on startup
    Mouse arrives to appear but not out of itHEEELP!!!MB P8z77-MCore i7 3770HD40006gb ram

    • Demon

      I have the same problem! If you solved it, please, tell me what I should do!

    • Vaibhav Limbani

      Which GPU you have been using for installation?

  • Mario3dart

    i have gigabyte x79 ud5 , with intel i7 extreme  3970x ,16gb ram , nvidia GTX 660Would this OSX work with my system ?

    • besweeet

      Don’t ask dumb questions like that. Learn to research and try things for yourself.

  • Patrick

    It work very well for me except a few bugs. I have a LG laptop and I can’t adjust to the correct monitor. The image is not very good as it’s suppose to be and I can’t see video (youtube) and flash don’t work too. I think it’s because I don’t have the good video driver but I don’t know if I can find it. 

    • besweeet


  • Rafff

    Hey, I’ve got a Lenovo Y570 which does fit the required criteria for making a hackintosh.
    My problem is that when I boot from the DVD, it freezes at the “Press any key/f8 for options” screen when I press a key.Has anyone had this problem and were able to fix it?
    PS: I’ve successfully installed Snow Leopard on this laptop without a problem. 
          Just in case you were questioning the compatibility of my hardware.

    • besweeet

      Try making a USB drive from an existing OS X install instead.

      • Rafff

        Are you referring to iAtkos ML2? Or a retail image?

        • besweeet

          iATKOS, since the retail image won’t get you anywhere.

          • Rafff

            Alright. So I managed to get to the installer and all was well. Problem is, once it starts installing it says that “Essential System Software” is missing. Have you ever encountered this problem? If so, what do you think caused it? Faulty .dmg maybe?

          • besweeet

            If the DMG was bad, nothing from it would work. Being up the installer log from the Window menu.

          • Rafff

            I’ve actually managed to install iAtkos ML2. Now, when I boot from the partition it’s installed in, I get the grey apple with the iAtkos logo in it. It loads forever and a little sign pops up. Like a stop sign.

          • besweeet

            -v would be helpful.

  • Sudheer Isofin

     Sir-does we need to change the partition which we have separated using “Ease US Partition Manager”  from Windows MBR to a separate MBR for Mac OS X.

    And again does we need to change the USB Drive which we are using for installation to MBR too.

    Because once i had tried iAtkosL1 it failed and i found the problem that it is replacing the windows files in the MBR.Because it has not changed to MBR.

    So tell me the solution whether i should change to MBR or no need

    • besweeet

      Unless you’re planning on doing a GPT install, MBR is derby default for all of this.

  • Myagahi

    i install iAtkos 10.8.2 without any problem on my Asus eee PC 1018p  but after startup, freeze on iatkos logo, what should i do? please help me.

    • besweeet

      Boot with -v.

  • My graphics are messed up a bit on os x. i cant change it to 1360×766. it just shows up 1024×720. HELP!!!!!!

    • besweeet

      Yes, because people who know nothing about your hardware can provide support for you.

      • Rude Boy Rudeboy

        hi buddy please mac bar panel “search” and hit enter ok.
        no the search bar is open and typed ” regedit” and hit enter ok
        now mac all devices keyboard, mouse, screen panel you select screen panel and hit enter ok
        screen panel windows is open and you change your screen resulation changed 1024 x 700 or 1122 x 680 select enter and your screen resulation change enjoy ..

  • Paris Thiva


    I have pc with this specs:
    Mother board :Asus p5ql se
    Cpu: intel core 2 quad q8200
    Graphic card : nvidia gt210 code name 218

    I install many times with defrent costumize every time but always my pc restart not work well .I try -V and all other comands…..can u tell me wtf I have to choose in costumize??? Pls any suggestions?

    • besweeet

      Can’t help you unless you post your -v output.

      • Paris Thiva

        Wow thank you for fast reply….im trying new install again…..when finish I will post it… thank you

        • Paris Thiva

          Btw I will upload it as video becuse always restart and I don’t know when and wich line is important

      • Paris Thiva


        Here is my -v results.
        I just choose nvidia g92 vga I didn’t change anything else

        • besweeet

          Does your PC restart or does it just go to a black screen? Try booting with -v -x (verbose mode + safe mode).

          • Paris Thiva

            Yeah my bad..I didn’t explain well….yes after any command show this lines and then show black scren.

          • besweeet

            Try -v GraphicsEnalber=Yes and -v GraphicsEnabler=No.

          • Paris Thiva

            I do that again black screen and I hear music with black screen. Btw is defrend -v with caps lock??

          • Paris Thiva

            Hi …after many try I install it and I made it work…in costumize I selected for vga disable nvidia .and works but now in flash videos browsers stuck
            Lag…what I can do it to make it work???

          • besweeet

            Try GraphicsEnabler=Yes.

          • Paris Thiva

            I do that and same problem again. What I can do;;

          • besweeet

            Which bootloader are you using? The GT210 should work OOTB with GraphicsEnabler=Yes.

          • Paris Thiva

            I don’t know. ..I leave it like wad..I didn’t tuch it…so I have to change bootloadrr;??

  • Paris Thiva

    I try again install to see what bootloader I use but there no option to choose bootloader. Anyway I would like to try iatkos L and there have more options about bootloader and vga etc…can pls help me what choose to make in costumize?

  • iAtkos ML2 installation successful bt boot wid -v -f flag. My rig : Asus Maximus V Formula/3770k/HD 4000(no gpu). Help pls :) TIA.

    • besweeet

      You haven’t given me any info that could help you…

  • Guest

    After installing with iatkos ml2 i’m stuck here..

    I own a

    Sandy Bridge (L502X) i5 2410M 2,3ghz (w/ Turbo -> 2,9ghz)
    Intel chipset 6 series
    memory 6gb 1333Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel
    Nvidia Geforce GT 525M
    Intel HD 3000
    Realtek PCTe GBE Family Controller

  • After installing with iatkos ml2 i’m stuck here..

    I own a

    Sandy Bridge (L502X) i5 2410M 2,3ghz (w/ Turbo -> 2,9ghz)
    Intel chipset 6 series
    memory 6gb 1333Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel
    Nvidia Geforce GT 525M
    Intel HD 3000
    Realtek PCTe GBE Family Controller

    Picture below

    • besweeet

      Seems like your GPU might be causing some issues. Are you using GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No?

  • Hey, I had Installed iATKOS ML_2 on my system, the installation process was operated successfully without any error. But when I booted from the HDD containing the OS X just after,I got stuck at the boot screen…. The Boot screen seems to be working (Circle show up to be loading) but the loading never ended! I waited for 6-7 hours, Re-booted, re-installed with the prescribed method back, still the same problems is being faced!

    My system spec:

    Intel core i5-3330 ivy bridge Processor;
    Gigabyte h61 motherboard;
    Corsair Vengeance ddr3 4gb 1600mhz RAM;
    iball marathon 500w peak gaming SMPS;
    nvidia 9500gt 1gb
    WD 7200rpm Green HDD 1TB X 2;
    SATA 2.0: Samsung, LG, Sony dvd rw writer(s).

  • Fouad

    i have acer aspire 5630 working perfect using iATKOS S3 v2, Now when i try to intall ML2 i get stucked in the booting , i’ve tried -v, -x , npci=x3000, Usbfix nothing worked

    • fouad

      Help please, :(

  • revdogood

    “Download and install This package” link is dead

  • joevbanana

    Hi, Brian and everybody else.

    First, thank you so much for your time and effort in putting this up.

    Look, I don’t know if somebody is having the same problem as me. I have the following laptop:


    HP Pavilion dv6-6cxxxx
    Intel Core i7-2670QM @2.20 Ghz (Sandy Bridge, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, VT-x, AES, AVX)
    Main board: Hewlett-Packard Model 17FA 10.5A.
    BIOS: Hewlett-Packard (Insyde H2O) F.1C – 01/23/2013
    Graphics: Intel HD3000, ATI Radeon (3845Mbytes)
    Audio: Intel sound for screens


    iAtkos ML2, burnt in a double layer DVD with TransMac v10.5 at lowest possible speed.


    I managed to enter the “advanced settings” in my bios, hitting F10+A during boot. I found that the HDD was already in AHCI mode. I also Changed the boot order, but couldn’t find the option for changing HPET to 64bit :S


    When I boot from the iAtkos ML2 DVD, the system shows the startup menu, and the countdown bar starts to reduce its size, but the system halts when this bar disappears or as soon as I hit any key.

    I can’t move further from here. Any ideas?? Do you know if something else has to be changed in the BIOS?

    Thank you very much.

    • besweeet

      I think they the way it was burned *might* have been the problem, as TransMac isn’t the best thing around. I recommend downloading an OS X virtual machine and using Disk Utility to pop iATKOS onto a USB flash drive.

      • joevbanana

        Thanks Brian. I’m going to try that solution right now.

      • joevbanana

        Well BRIAN. Sweet piece of advice. Thanks A LOT.

        I mounted a Vmware OSX 10.8.2 with which I made a USB to install my iAtkos ML2 distro.

        I had to start the installer with -v -x arguments and I left the default configuration.

        Then, after having successfully installed, I was getting a kernel panic, so I Used bootflags: -v -x PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No, because my graphics card is Radeon.

        But now, I’m stuck at the screen attached. The error line says: “Local APIC error”

        Do you know the meaning of that?

        • besweeet

          That’s as far as I can help you with. Never experienced anything like that before.

          • joevbanana

            LOL. Don’t worry. Thanks…

            The installer spoiled the Win7 partition, so I had to restore my HDD after that… hehe

  • oscar salgado

    i use -x and -v but my screen turn black and nothing happend. Im using a toshiba with amd a8

    • Vaibhav Limbani

      Have you tried with other Commands Like -v-i-f-x together ?

  • Rude Boy Rudeboy

    hi i need help sir my laptop is acer aod 250 model and i urgent need iAtkos ml x86 bit and i don’t no what am doing so please upload your video plz plz plz

  • Rude Boy Rudeboy

    how to install iAtkos plz upload video

  • Cire

    Hello i use clover for install iatkos ml2 , when is done my lap is restaring and the screen is frozen, i can into the boot from iatkos becouse i used iatkos with usb
    Sorry for my engish, what i do to resolve my problem

  • Rude Boy Rudeboy

    hi this is my laptop configuration please reply the iAkos ml2 x86 are installed or not please reply.

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