[Tutorial] Install cracked apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device with 25pp [Video]

The main window for 25pp.

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Disclaimer: As usual, this should only be used for trying applications before determining whether or not that you should buy them. Believe it or not, but I strictly follow this, as you’ll see in the video below.

Just last week, we covered a desktop application, called Kuaiyong, that can install cracked applications onto a non-jailbroken iOS device. Within a few days of it gaining popularity, they removed all cracked applications, leaving just the free ones available. Now, there’s another application that’s very similar, called 25pp. We’ll be showing you how to use that one right now.

The program itself is very similar to Kuaiyong in terms of how it downloads and installs applications onto your iOS device. However, it has many more features, such as music and file management.

There is, however, one catch to this, which is that iTunes syncing will immediately stop working once you install one of the cracked applications. As soon as you uninstall all of them, iTunes syncing will work like normal.

First, you’ll need to download the application. Click here for the direct link to the program’s .RAR file, which you’ll need to open with a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can also find the link by going to the homepage here. Once it’s downloaded, simply extract the contents of the .RAR file to any location on your computer.

The main program itself is ihelper.exe, so go ahead and open that up.

The main window for 25pp.

The main window for 25pp.

You’ll then be greeted with the normal window for the software. There are three different application databases that 25pp uses:

  1. One with cracked applications for jailbroken devices
  2. One with cracked applicaitons for non-jailbroken devices
  3. One with legitimate applications that are available for purchase

To access the second one, click on the label that’s highlighted in red towards the top of the left sidebar.

From here, you can use the search box at the top of the window to search for specific applications.

App search results.

App search results.

The above screenshot shows what the app search results listing looks like.

App detail view.

App detail view.

Once you’ve found an application, the above screenshot is what the application’s detail view looks like. To download an app, scroll down a little bit, and you’ll see a download button on the left sidebar.

The downloading apps list.

The downloading apps list.

When you’re downloading an app, it’ll show up in the first choice in the second menu in the left sidebar. Once it’s completed, it’ll move itself to the second choice.

Downloaded apps list.

Downloaded apps list.

Here is what the downloaded applications view looks like. To install an application, click on the green button towards the left side. After that, the application will immediately begin to install itself. The smaller the app, the quicker it will install. The app can then be found on your iOS device’s SpringBoard.

The installed app on SpringBoard.

The installed app on SpringBoard.

Overall, this application seems to work as anybody would expect it to, and the download speeds seem noticeably faster when compared to Kuaiyong.

There’s no telling how long this one will last until they go the way of Kuaiyong.

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  • helpmenow

    i cant work any app because it says to enter apple id password… pls help…. my version is the latest for ipod touch 5th gen ios 6.0.1

    • besweeet

      Try restarting your iPod touch and reinstall the app(s).

      • Zyraemadhe

        Hey i cant open ihelper 

    • Alex Habib


      • That doesn’t work for me. Every time I press that button I get an error in chinese.

  • Krux

    Any native mac osx app, or i guess just for winOs for now?

    • besweeet

      Just Windows. Doubt there will be a Mac OS X version anytime soon.

  • bhavit rajput

    whenever i download apps from 25pp.com for my ipad 3 and install it. And click to run that app it shows enter password and username…Why..???

    • besweeet

      Try reinstalling the app.

    • DavidGilling

      Me too :( Is it working for anyone?

  • DavidGilling

    What about itunes sync?

    • besweeet

      It seems to be broken until you remove the installed app(s).

      • DavidGilling

        Thanks, really fast reply! Love this blog 😉
        You might want to mention the iTunes sync catch in the post though :)

  • Endo

    Anyone knows where are the folder for downloaded .ipa on the computer?

    • besweeet

      It should be in C:downloads by default. The directories can be changed in 25pp’s settings.

    • Bonezx25

      C: downloads/apps

  • Endo

    Where i can find the downloaded ipa on the computer?

  • DavidGilling

    Nope, not working for me, asks for Apple ID and password when I try opening the app. Or just crashes if I’m not connected to the internet. Is there a fix?

    • besweeet

      Not sure. Works for some, but not for others. Reinstalling the app is said to fix it for some people.

    • Adam


    • Jeffreydeleeuw

      on the main screen with phone connected, click in the left bar on the apple on the hand, then click the big button right below the close button to enable the apps to be synced, something he forgot to tell because he probably did that already in the other program earlier, that enables the files to be synced

    • PhotoDroid

      You are clicking the wrong link… click J.B on J.B device and free non j.b on non J.B device! And buy apple store if you wanna buy! apple id will pop up

  • tomas mersensky

    Hi, not run, I always pops up this error see image. link below


    • besweeet

      Hmm… I’m honestly not sure.

      • Joe Jones

        It’s because he’s using Win XP. I had the error too and I had to use my Win 7 Laptop for it to work.

        • Xtenza

           It work !!! need to go in control pannel and to add language file for east orient ) installer les fichiers pour les langues d’extreme-orient !!!

    • Xtenza

       Hi , me too on 2 computers, the same error message ….. ( im on Win xp SP3 )
      become crazy

  • Juaned29

    I have cracked apps from installous and i want to know how to upload them

  • LazerBoyEXE


  • Wildforceranger5

    It doesn’t recognize that my phone is plugged in

  • the fifa 13 is not downloading! please

  • Skakisina

    yo man i got a problem every time i try to open the game, i need to write  my apple ID butt when i have done that the game just closes i don’t know what to do i tried a lot of things like log out on my itunes acount butt it didn’t work do you know what to do

  • Derp

    Asks for apple id….

    • Leonmbj

      you must wipe your device

      restore to factory settings

  • Derp

    Asked for apple id, tried rebooting, reinstalling, etc. Never seems to work :(((

    • mmdmiku

      if the app just worked don’t try to reboot it or restart it will only ask the apple id…. the app called minecraft is working fine and when i rebooted my iphone it asked my apple id again…. and i was like NO!!!! and i learned that if you installed a cracked app and it worked… don’t ever ever reboot it or restart it or it will have more problems…

  • Happyderp

    Nvm guys, worked perfectly after another reboot.

  • danny

    i downloaded the arhive but when i open the exe it gives me erro i even tried to download from the main site but my download gets stucked at 99% i am using windows xp could this be the problem?

  • Afroman551

    it’s working but when i sync to itunes then the games a download from 25pp is asking for apple ID
    help help help

  • abhi

    25pp not reading my ipad mini (6.0.2).. doesnt show there at all.. any idea?

  • Balu_2022

    works great on windows the prob is only with mac can any one  help me out

  • PhotoDroid

    Iit synced perfectly with itunes! the desktop app must be closed to sync properly and of course  you need appsync 5+ etc to sync 

    • besweeet

      This is mainly for people who AREN’T jailbroken.

  • guest11111111

    i succeded with 1 app(it s working) but for all the others nothing, tried rebooting , reinstalling several times but it keeps me asking for apple id . ipad 3 ios 6.0.1 win7  . Anything i could do ?

  • Tomekkufel77

    Now i can`t sync with itunes!

  • PASS

    Just now tried this great software, so far so good cracked apps installed and still  working on my iPad Mini iOS 6.0.2 (not Jailbroken) Im happy…

  • Just now tried this great software, so far so good was able to install cracked app and still working on my iPad Mini iOS 6.0.2 (not Jailbroken)

  • i get error when installing 25pp on my windows xp home, can u please help , thanks

  • Duartaragao

    Is there any way to ask for some apps? dynolicious is only available for jailbroken phones. i have noticed that there is some kind of upload button on some apps i already have on my phone. has anyone tried it? does it make the app availabe just for jailbroken or non jailbroken?

  • Leonmbj


    here is the solution

    press the blue button on right top of 25pp 

  • Manojboy

    It asks an Apple ID when I open a downloaded app form 25PP client then closes immediately after entering. What could be down.

  • Arenas2oo7

    mike: it didnt work for me either….i could install the app but blank white icon..upon opening the app it asked to restore the purchase by inserting apple id and pw…as i insert apple id it asks me to purchase the application first……..

  • C1j2g3

    ipad is plugged in but not showing

  • For those getting apple id/ password popup after installing the app, you need to connect your device and then in PP25 on the left sidebar click on the second label in red, and then on extreme top right under the close button, click on the blue button. This will repair the apple ids on all the apps installed through PP25. http://i46.tinypic.com/14d3n6p.png

    • Works for me..  thanks..
      just wondering if i will delete the apps before synching to itunes again, will it recover the data such as your “level on Games” or u’ll have to play it again from the beginning?

    • It works for me..
      Just wanna ask, If i am to uninstall cracked apps before i can sync to iTunes again, How can i save and restore the data on apps such as games. Or else i’ll play from the beginning again..
      thanx guyz..

      • hardik

        same question some one reply and i cannot even sync new music frm itunes

    • tanmay

      thank u dude
      u r the best
      ill recommend u to everyone
      i was very upset due to that problem

      • Shaharyar

        thanks a lot man

    • Green Sky

      Thanks a lot. Works like a charm, Cheers!

    • OMG dude!!!!!!!
      hats off to you

    • Arsh

      you’re my man awesome dude you’re fucking awesome 😀
      i don’t know how but some apps i had downloaded with ihelper were gone crash. i just followed your simple step. ya its just a step not steps 😀 and it worked for me 😀 <3 awesome dude awesome 😀 you saved me from committing a failed suicide attempt 😀

    • Shaharyar

      Thanks a lot man

    • casp

      still no go for me. it keeps asking me for apple id…

    • lad

      works for about a day and then I have to do it again.

    • president

      i’m still having problem….

      • asihswbdgcuygw

        its awesome hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahaahhaha lol xD!!!!!

      • The Hacker

        Man are you russian i think you have ok.ru

  • Wad

    cannot detect my ipad

  • what is the name of siri on this application ? please

  • Anonymous

    please help…i used 25 pp on my iphone 4s ios 6 and it was working fine.but then i had restored my iPhone and then now all the apps have been erased.when i try to reload the apps it just opens and crashes.The same thing happened to my iPad 1 ios 5.1.1

    • have you try to click on the blue buttton ? I think it’s a bug because Ihad the same problem

  • Alex Habib

    PASSWORD TO ALL 25PP APPLICATIONSRead more at http://gadgetunit.com/2013/01/06/tutorial-install-cracked-apps-on-a-non-jailbroken-ios-device-with-25pp-video/#yZyr3Q7wvWhWmf7r.99

    • deividas

      this actually helped to me big thank you to alex habib 😀

    • asd

      only works for a while and then I have to do it again.

  • :C

    the apps that I install keep crashing (ipad2 ios5.1) why? :C

  • Hanobvs

    Work on Iphone 4 iOS 6.1.3 thankyou guys :)

  • kingmimonem

    how to do that with ios 6.1.3 … its not working ??!!

  • anybody knows how to purchase inapp purchase like amplitube ? thanks ;>

  • thanks bro but many apps like tiny wings after installing on device want a Apple ID when you`re not connected with wifi they will not open . thanks for help

    • besweeet

      Maybe it’s a sign to start purchasing apps.

  • amin

    i open pp25 and error shows something about apple mobile device
    2apple mobile device
    3 ……..pp……

  • Any idea as to when I press the button on the right side to bypass the log in, I always get an error. I’ve pressed it 5-10 times already and it still gives me the same error.

  • So when I press the button on the right side to bypass the apple log in ID I always get an error message. Has anyone else had this problem ?

  • Starry444

    Hey I downloaded an app and it worked perfectly fine but when it tried downloading another app I try to open on my ipad mini however it crashes Help

  • 1234

    thank you

  • 1234

    so much

  • gyanjit mahapatra

    Whenever i click the red chinese link and try to donwload an app, i receive an error message with a red cross. How do you fix this?

    • Stefan Freigi

      Same, can someone please answer


    guys, marvel vs capcom 2 game opens for 3 seconds and then closes immediately upon running it on the ipad 2.

  • Miguel Estrada

    perfectly for some but why some apps don’t work, is there a way to fix this? thanks


    25 pp is the best but it would be great if it would now sync with itunes lol11

    • THE KING!!


  • matias

    will they be deleted once we do de ios7 update?

    • besweeet

      Buy the apps and they won’t.

      • karla

        what’s your problem, I`ve spent about 200 hundred dollars in apps since 2010 that I`ve used Iphones, do you wanna milk me some more? stop talking like we are thieves for downloading a few apps for free when we have already payd so much to the stupid apple company

  • John

    I seem to be having a problem with syncing to my ipad through the PC version of 25pp. I downloaded Star Wars knights of the old republic. When it was finished downloading, I clicked the sync button and an odd error appeared. I try to resync but it comes up again, but it pops up again. Has anyone else encountered this?

  • Yoyo

    Does this work for In-App Purchase?

    • besweeet

      No… Buy them if you really want them that much.

  • Kuwar

    i have connected my iphone 5 with laptop its showing in itunes but not in pp25

  • Habib Jan

    can i install activator or sb settings in my ipod 4g ( non-jailbreak) ?

    • besweeet


  • Habib Jan

    i installed 25pp on iphone 5.. when i download apps from mobile(25pp) , after installing , when i open it. it crashes….does anyone have fix for this issue?

  • Habib Jan

    downloading speed is slow in 25pp(mobile)…

  • ash

    Whenever I download a app, it crashed when i try to click. and yes i’ve tried the blue button thing. It still won’t work… Please help

  • Luan Oliveira

    How to add musics to the iPhone ? I did find the music and downloaded it, but couldn’t add this to library.

  • Saim

    Can i be able to erase my iphone i case i dont want this anymore ..? is there be any problem?

  • Siddharth McGoofer

    Works fine .thanks.But will these apps stop working once we connect ipad to internet?

  • anonymous

    if i already have the apps downloaded from utorrent how do i use those?

  • iOS7_User

    Nice… Btw, owners of iPhone 3GS, you can download and install Real Racing 3 on iPhone 3GS even WITHOUT JAILBREAK! Simply download Real Racing 3 from the second choice, copyrighted apps, and install it using iTools. It’s in English so it’s very esy to understand. Hope I’ve helped! 😀

  • shashank

    i have intalled 25pp on my win 7 but its opening wat to do

  • aasd

    When I press the blue button so I can use the apps, it brings up a error message, can someone tell me how to fix it? It worked perfectly for about 30 minutes ago.

  • mkmatthias5

    i have the app… it asked about the apple id! i tap “cancel” and it kicks me out. i want to tap on that arrow button. but are only 3 white icons and 2 lightning symbols. AND I DO NOT WANT TO USE MY MOM’S COMPUTER! a little help?

    • mkmatthias5

      and i am talking about the apple id thing popping up!

  • akosija9

    great! yeeess!!! ;))

  • Miserable

    Um hey i have a big problem : when i tried to download a thing it says something about my pc i guess it tells me “connect the device to your pc” but my pc is broken and i cant use another one can anyone help me ?

  • Todays_adventure

    I tryed downloading flappy bird, it dissapers after install but in usage my ipod says i still have it, but it installs other apps!

  • Todays_adventure

    please answer!

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  • Suliman Ahmad

    On PP 25 when I am downloading Grand Theft Auto Sand Andreas, I am 82% finished downloading it, then it gives me a pop up error message which is in Chinese. When I close the app, respring, it still gives me a pop up error message. Please help me.

    • besweeet

      Alternatives: A) buy the game, B) use AppSync.

    • hey

      It says that you don’t have enough free space on your device to continue the download. Remove some apps and clean up some space and try again.
      [Left Button: Resume Download] | [Right Button: Okay]

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